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Sometimes poker nights and fantasy football just won’t cut it anymore with your pals and/or even to you, and having adult talks with each other as you go talk about each others problems at home while chugging down a few bottles of beer have seem to look like a support group. Plan ahead on your next weekend out with your friends, and do these instead!

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Kill each other

Not literally, of course. Kill each other by playing games be it a multiplayer shooting game or activities that actually requires you to get up the couch and shoot each other with paintball or airsoft. We are wired to be competitive, and doing activities like this just makes everyone go nuts with each other as to who will get the most kills or who’s team will get the most wins. At the end of the day, you were able to find an activity that does not require betting against each other (or you could do that, too).

Find a sport

Whether one of you guys are already good at it or no one at all, finding a different sport activity just makes the bond even deeper with you guys. It is something that all of you will be looking forward for as to when will the next match happen. On top of that, you are also able to keep yourselves physically fit while enjoying beating each other.

Go bar hopping

Sometimes your local bar just seems to be plain old boring or your friends house just won’t cut it anymore. Bar hopping is a good way to start the night, especially if you are helping one of your buddies to look for a date. Going from one bar to the other just gives you other options on where it will suit you all better, and discover other alcohols that you might actually enjoy drinking.

Whatever activity you plan on doing, what matters most is the relationship that you were able to build along it. And it will be a good reference when you look back on the days on who did this, and what happened to him which will be a great add up to your guys’ stories of humiliation.