To embrace the title of a prospective bride is one of the most sought after realities by any bachelorette. But the fancies and freedoms enjoyed by the latter, ranks high enough in her life. Cool hangovers with friends, wild party nights, long drives and pleasurable weekends constitute the lead indicators of a bachelorette life. But bachelor or bachelorette time have to end at a particular point in one’s life and this point marks the beginning of a new experience- a really sought after one, which is marriage. We all wish for a long continued bachelor time but the yearning for a married settled life is always stronger enough to dominate our passions and to mark the culmination of our fanciful bachelor life most of the global cultures have developed and evolved their own ways of celebrations. Hen’s parties are one such concept meant to celebrate the bachelorettehood of ‘bride to be’. Such parties are analogous to the bachelor parties which are hosted by the prospective bridegroom. Although the ideas for hens celebration evolved in the last 2-3 decades this concept actually has historical origins with respect to some global cultures which had traditions of hosting all lady dinners for the friends of prospective bride.

In recent decades such parties evolved into newer dimensions of modern youth culture and assumed novel orientations, particularly those pertaining to bachelorette enjoyment. Since times immemorial, cool drinks, cocktails, tea, coffee along with gossips and chitchats have been one of the most fancied and desired recipes of the bachelorette parties and hence still forms the basis of such parties. But closely matching their male counterparts, the young lady brigades around the world have been adopting novelties and inventing newer avenues of enjoyment to make their hen’s parties livelier. Specialised service providers are now offering attractive party packages to make such parties a real enjoyment. Iconic fashions, trendy dresses, hats and heels, blooming make up styles are the lead statements of such parties. It is also an opportunity for the ‘bride to be’ to live the culminating moments of youth fashions sans any constraints, as for a married lady social etiquettes and dressing norms rule high in any global culture.Beauty and sexuality are the interwoven twins that have been defining a lady’s charm, ever since civilization emerged. Hen’s parties are the most appropriate destinations to discuss sex and sensuality in a light fervour. Sex jokes fill up the spaces of the party night and are aimed at teasing the prospective bride as also preparing her for her future intimate excursions on the turfs of sex and romance with her husband. To add extreme dimensions of eroticism, male strippers have entered into the arena of girls parties, letting the bachelorette enjoy the company of some blonde and expressive guys. It adds to the enjoyment of the friends of the prospective bride with some of the best masculine and appealing bodies dancing and playing with sex toys, thus charming the young queens. Such service is available at male strip clubs which offer very professional services by hot male stripper. These services have assumed customised orientations such as delivering topless butler service at the hen’s dinners at any desired location. Professionalism is their hallmark and care id taken so as not to create embarrassment, humiliation or any kind of enjoyment aberration at the girl’s night out.